About Crystal M Lewis

Since I was a child, I’ve been inspired by beauty in the ordinary. What drew me in was knowing that I could take the ordinary, see it’s full potential and make it extraordinary.

My career in the beauty industry began behind the chair, giving me the opportunity to truly understand not only the craft of hairdressing but also understanding how to draw the beauty out of an individual… Inspiration is always the one right in front of you.

In 2005 I was commissioned by photographer Kelly Kruthaupt to join her production crew for my first photo shoot. That day changed my life…

I fell in love and with the success of our collaboration I knew my passion for beauty found it’s home. I’ve never looked back.

Global Impact

Adapted from Mitchell’s Salon & Day Spa Facebook post:

Recently, our stylist from Kenwood, Crystal, traveled to Cambodia for a month to help teach young women and men, who had been victims of sex trafficking, the art of hairdressing.

This was possible through the Justice and Soul Foundation whose mission is: “To transform the lives of trafficked young women, young men and children globally into confident, self-sufficient and financially independent individuals.”

Mitchell’s formed a relationship with them through our partnership with Transitions Global. We are so amazed by Crystal’s generosity and compassion, and hope to see more of our stylists follow in her foot steps.

An Amazing Trip – My Takeaway!

justice-and-soul-foundationI was recently given the opportunity to spend 4 weeks teaching under-privileged students in Cambodia the art of hair at Kate Korpi Salon through the Justice and Soul Foundation. Although I had my own idea of what the experience was going to be like, I knew deep down that it wasn’t going to play out like I’d imagined. It was amazingly mind blowing to say the least. Of course it was bit of a culture shock, all of my senses were heightened every second. There are so many unfamiliar things to see, hear, smell, taste, and touch. The only thing that was undoubtedly familiar was the love and passion the students had for the hair craft. Showing up every morning 1-2 hours early, very happy and giggly mind you, (opposite of myself), very eager to learn, showed their dedication. I LOVED watching their hands; I could see the natural talent in all of them, a mesmerizing beautiful sight. My favorite part of the day and my trip was “huddle”. Each morning before the day started we all sat around and said what we were grateful for. I still miss this. I was either crying real tears, or crying from laughing so hard, even though I had no idea what the students were saying, I felt them. Of course none of this is possible without the Kate Korpi Salon team, what a well-oiled machine. Their dedication, passion, and overflow of love are without a doubt one of a kind. I encourage anyone to visit www.justiceandsoul.org for further information, you won’t regret it.

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